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Well, this is the first time I am writing a gratitude list. August took me on a roller-coaster ride; lots of reasons to be grateful for and some very challenging instances that eventually made me stronger; but in all, it was a very important month that saw soaring highs and plunging lows in equal measure.

Things have been going amazingly well for me since I took a break from active work life.  I was taking on things in my own pace, dedicating time to things I liked to do and most importantly focusing all my energy on my farm. This month marked the most important occasion of all – my farm house grihapravesam (house warming) which was a milestone event in my farming journey.


This was sort the culmination of lots of dreaming and lots of hard work. The house meant we could spend more time on the farm and do more productive work than we could do before. And that’s why the completion of our farmhouse was a major celebratory event for us.  And for this reason this month will be etched in my memory forever. This was sort of the highlight of this month; all the hard work, all the planning and execution, everything coming together on this day with an important celebration; not just any celebration, celebration of dreams coming true…It was not just any house for us; it was years of romanticizing the notion of living on a farm.


We finally set up the vegetable garden patch the way we imagined in our mind. The design of the patch had been on paper for months; color-coding done for where each plant would go, comparing the companion planting chart and the seasons charts and weeks of poring into those charts to make sense of it and learning from various resources. Finally when we turned our raised beds in our backyard space into a reality, it was definitely special. The seed sowing, caring for the seedling at home like little babies, the careful transplanting and seeing them take roots in the farm, then weeding and protecting from pests yes…a lot of work and a lot of thought and a lot of day dreaming went into this. And so it was mighty special, you see.

vegetable 1

Now coming to the not so good part of the month; let’s just say somehow there are people who just find the most opportune time to crash in and ruin everything. So just like that something that could have been a beautiful memory of all the hard work taking fruition, turned into a hurtful moment.

It took me some time and lots of copious tears to realize that this event too had an important part to play. The mind played reruns of the episode and flash backs of times when we had bend over backwards for this person; and it took some time through lot of introspection to realize why it had happened.

There comes a time when you have to stop crossing oceans for people who wouldn’t even jump a puddle for you ― Anonymous

Yes. That’s what it made me realise. Sometimes things happen and we initially keep wallowing in it wondering only about the why(s) and how(s), but when you choose to pause and take a closer look, you will see that you needed it.  Not deserved it, but needed it – to see the true picture.

Some incidents happen in life just to make you realize that there will be people who will take advantage of your politeness and kindness and they are never grateful for all that you had done for them. That’s when it hits us that probably somewhere down the line we had forgotten to draw boundaries; for people to know that they can’t take you for granted or over-step the boundaries.

So this most certainly taught me some very important life lessons; for which I will be forever grateful. We all need reality checks from time to time.

I am a dreamer; and I always take the high road to bypass any unnecessary brawls; ignoring snide remarks just to not rock the boat or ruffle the feathers. I am someone who looks forward to a nice, warm atmosphere and don’t like to be a part of tension-ridden situations. This incident just knocked me over and made me sit up and take stock of things.

Okay, so coming to gratitude; Yes. Deepest gratitude. For everything that happened, good and bad. It made me see the reality. One thing I realised by practicing gratitude is that it makes you look at bad things in a new light; as if they were custom designed to teach you tough lessons. And by doing so, it really helps one calm down and accept things by making them easier to handle.

I had always practiced gratitude by counting my blessing and saying my thanks every night but have never written it down till now. But writing it down has really helped and so, I think I am finally on to this gratitude list thing…It surely is something!

Do try if you have never done this before and if you are someone who writes gratitude list all the time, then you know what I mean don’t you!

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48 thoughts on “August Reflections – #GratitudeCircle”

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  2. As mentioned earlier, loved reading your true reflections. You have such style of putting words together that they pull a reader into it.
    And yes life has its own way of teaching us at the right time.(though it is considered wrong by us).

    1. So so happy to read your comment …you made my day Jaya. Very kind of you dear. And as you rightly said life teaches us the right lessons at the right time…No matter how much we feel its not right, in the hindsight, it’s for our good only. Thank you so much.

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  4. So true! Gratitude does really help you stay positive and happy. Thank you for reminding me to be thankful for the things I am blessed with!

  5. Congratulations Kalpana for achieving your dream! A farm house on the outskirts of Ahmedabad with a small vegetable garden is my dream too! Hope you stayed in Mumbai or nearby, would have loved to drop by to see your beautiful vegetable patch! There are all sorts of people in this world – people who are jealous and who have not accepted that some people will be more successful than others usually go for pulling down others – let them be. You can’t do much about them. But i am sure there are several people who are genuinely happy for your success, rejoice with them.

    1. Oh that’s so lovely to hear that you have a similar dream as me! Yay!!! How i wish you could drop by and see my vegetable patch. But there is a way you can see my updates on the farm on my fb page –
      And just like you said I am just counting my bountiful blessing and moving on happily and Letting people be….
      Thank you so much for stopping by to share your valuable thoughts with me…means a lot! Hugs to you and may your dream of living in your farmhouse come true very soon. Believe me it is achievable…Go for it! Best wishes to you.

    1. Yes. I believe in that too Aparna. And so I just let it be…let people be who they are…And try to be who I am. And thank for your complement and wishes. It sure was a lot of hardwork but the satisfaction you get is immeasurable. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts with me.

  6. Congratulations on your farmhouse. Nature acts as a healer. When we are close to nature we get happiness in so many beautiful things happening everyday – a new plant sprouting, a flower taking a beautiful shape, birds chirping. The list is endless.

  7. Its always a positive approach to count our blessing. Life becomes so easy that even tough situations and things can’t have their strong impact on us. Congratulations for your new farm house. Lovely read!!!

  8. Life in city, working in corporate and living in the apartments, it has become so mechanical. We just go through the motion, distracted and apparently busy in what we do and even don’t find that little time to observe and cherish the little things around us that matters so much us to. The nature that matters and that nurturing of our soul, but we fight for peace and harmony in city life and we run away from nature…the irony.

    Gratitude is such an important word and carries so much weight when delivered with compassion and we need to know the intrinsic power of this word if truly expressed…it creates magic. The return that comes back in term of blessing and goodwill simply immeasurable. You have done a wonderful thing of finding that space for harmony and bliss in the glory of nature…we all would love to move and stay in such farmhouse but all are not lucky.

    It was such a delight reading through you experience and I must say the choice of such subtle words and the simplicity in your articulation makes it profound.

    1. You have summed it up so well. Thank you so much for your kind words Nihar. Feel truly blessed to have this little haven and hope everyone finds a little time out of their busy schedules to make time and room for what they consider, little joys and simple pleasures. So nice to have connected with you. Thank you so much for taking time out to share your thoughts with me. Enjoyed reading it and Really apprecaite it much.

      1. All our good deeds and our positive thinking leads us to such abode of peace and bliss in life. Nothing can be better to nurture our nature then being with the nature. Life’s beauty is in these little things and we unknowingly ignore and hunt for the big things and in the process get trapped in the wrong frame of life.
        Kalpana, I really enjoyed landing in your place and experiencing the beauty and bounty nestled in your profound thoughts and so deftly articulating those ideas…

        1. I am so glad to have connected with a fellow blogger who shares the same philosophy in life as me. Yes, its ultimately the simple pleasures in life…things that money can’t buy…that provide immense happiness. The sooner we realize it, the better we can utilize our time seeking what’s important and what nourishes our soul. Great to read you comment. Glad you stopped by and shared your thoughts here.

          1. We are so much wrapped in the mold of money, everything we do and we see has a bias towards money. It is needed and we cannot do without it but when we get bonded and when our greed crosses our need, we are haplessly trapped and there is an illusion and we cannot get a clear view.
            If we think deep, the reflection and we realize the inner worth of ours and the value of nature that we keep running away, we can then be back on track and we need to be compassionate, generous and humble than money becomes insignificant in front of rest other things in life…money is merely an exchange mechanism beyond this it has not standing…
            Pleasure having such lovely conversation with you.

  9. Congratulations for yoir farmhouse.
    Life is full of good and no so good people. When Few moments gives us immense happiness then others teaches us lessons.
    #MothersGurukulreads #Myfriendalexa

  10. Kalpana, this piece brings out your personality and thought process. It’s an inspiring read and I loved the quote you have inserted in the middle. It is indeed important for us to feel gratitude for all that’s going well for us.

  11. Congratulations on your Grihapravesham to your farmhouse. I can imagine how blissful life must feel to plan the garden patch you dreamed about. Indeed a lot to be grateful for.

  12. Quite a lovely way to take on the challenges that life throws at us and turn them into learning experiences.

    I used to write my Gratitude list but have stopped doing that. I do try to count my blessings every so often, and especially when situations seem very negative.

    1. I completely get it when you say “counting our blessings when the going gets tough” because i guess that’s when we really ponder deeply. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts here. I am hoping i will continue with the gratitude list…let’s see how it goes.

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