Spirituality – Now… Do We Know What it Really Means?

I didn’t. Most of us think we know what it means when we hear the word spiritual. It generally translates to a person who is getting closer to ‘sanyasa’ which means letting go of attachments towards worldly possessions for the sake of attaining god. This was my perception too…mostly. I mean, I never felt the need to think beyond this point.

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But a big change in perspective came a few months ago. I would like to think that it was because of yoga (as it happened during the same time I started attending yoga classes). Incidentally, reading (I must say re-reading as I had read this book before but it didn’t make an impact on me at that time) Robin Sharma’s “The monk who sold his ferrari” did help to some extent in creating an intrigue towards this topic. Now, don’t get me wrong; I am not taking you through some spiritual experience of mine. I was a skeptic and I am sure you are too…

Once this new interest took over me, I started doing a little research and turns out that spirituality has more to do with mind power. Being spiritual actually means being in total control of yourself…your thoughts and actions. Ahhh…now you know why we associate spirituality to sages; because they are the ones in this mortal world who have the power to stay calm and composed, have complete control over their thoughts and actions.

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We don’t have to renounce worldly possessions and head towards the mighty Himalayas to become spiritual. We can do what we are doing; Be a mother,father,son or daughter. Be a banker, software engineer, doctor or a business man. You could be anybody. Just cleanse your thoughts (read “remove negative thoughts”) and reflect inwards more often. Allocate time in your busy schedule for self improvement.  Imagine what it would be like if we could control every single thought that enters our mind. We could react differently to situations and in turn change the course of events that follow. We would become a better mother, better father… a better person.

“As you think, so you become…..Our busy minds are forever jumping to conclusions, manufacturing and interpreting signs that aren’t there.”

This quote started making sense. We slowly and steadily fall into the trap of developing negative thoughts from as early as our childhood. Always imagining the worst case scenario, so that, anything that happens will not be as bad as we thought it to be. This kind of negative thought process gives  us a false sense of power over our situations but in reality,  we just keep falling into an endless trap of negativity, which ends up ruining the way we look at life in all its glory.

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Be positive. Think positive. How many times have we heard or read these statements? This is the most profound statement you will ever hear. We need to stop taking false cover under our negative thoughts and stop being in constant fear of any wrath which will befall us if we think positive.

Let’s take a bold step, let’s become spiritual and allow ourselves to think positive and reap the benefits it has to offer.

Being Spiritual, is being a better you.

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