The gift of having a day with no plans…

There was a time when I remember being too busy, always, all the time. At any given time, there would be a hundred things running through my mind, about the immediate things to be done, things to be done later in the day, things to be taken care the next day, in the coming week, the week after, the next month and so on. Plans, plans and more plans.

Nowadays, most of our days are unplanned. Weekends are mostly spent sitting around in the living room, huddled together, poring over cookbooks, planning meals to be cooked and movies to be watched.

Picture courtesy – Author’s own © Lazy Summer Diaries

It’s so nice not to rush from one place to another on weekends. Getting up leisurely, starting the day with the family’s favourite breakfast and then lazing around chit-chatting about random things then somehow ending up planning the lunch menu, followed up by all the members hustling and bustling in the kitchen to serve up lunch in grand style.

What next? A matinee movie of course! A family movie, after a satisfying meal and maybe an afternoon siesta, thereafter (that’s for us, of course) with my kids sprawled across the family bed reading story books until the oldies get up and declare it’s tea time.

A hot cuppa tea and milk later, we go down probably for a game of cricket or a walk around the park and come back just in time to plan dinner.

Picture courtesy – Author’s own © Lazy Summer Diaries

Today, was one such day out of many others. My daughter decides to make Lasagna (making  lasagna sheets, sauce and all from scratch), lemon Margaritas and caramel meringue for dinner.

Her meal plans are never simple, always grand!

Very Master-chef(y) in taste and presentation!!! Served in style!

Picture courtesy – Author’s own © Lazy Summer Diaries


A day spent with family, doing nothing other than chit-chatting, cooking, playing and eating home-cooked gourmet meals, all without changing out of your night clothes, is by far the best way to spend the weekend!

This is our secret family recipe for a great weekend!

What’s yours?


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