What does love look like?



I read a post shared by a friend of mine on Facebook which had been going viral on Instagram and I instantly knew why. It strikes a chord so close to your heart. The writer gives you a true account of what real love is, and you get what she is trying to say.

So after 19 years of marriage this is my list of what true love looks like;

When I find my breakfast neatly packed in my lunch bag when I am running late for work;

When I am irritable and edgy (read borderline bitchy) on my PMS days and my husband lets my antics slide by, comes back after sometime and asks, “What would you like for dinner, chapatti or dosa”?  That I know is pure love talking;

When I load the washing machine and then completely forget to take it out for drying till late night; Then when I finally remember and stomp out cursing towards the utility area, I find it all neatly dried out…that’s just pure love my friend!

I love my evening tea to the point of addiction and I have a very specific brand that I prefer. With so much importance attached to it, I still almost always forget to stock it. It’s only when I find the jar empty that I realize my mistake and like an addict all out of his booze, run towards the phone all jittery to call my husband at work but before I finish my rambling, he says “Just look in the pantry, on the second shelf”… and what do you know? That’s exactly where it has been! Imagine my relief! If that’s not love what is…

And sometimes finding all the jars of spices, lentils and other condiments filled up to the brim miraculously, when just the previous day I found them almost empty;

When I find my husband totally immersed in discussion on software programming with my daughter trying to help her with her exam preparation;

When I find my morning coffee ready for me on weekends;

When he waits for me holding my handbag outside the trial room while I try out clothes even though he hates shopping;

When I see him excited on weekend mornings to go to the playground with my son to play cricket, holding stumps, gloves and all; this even during tight work schedule, just to keep his promise;

When I can laze around without guilt while he does the dishes;

When he makes me drop all the work and relax on an unusually tiring day and massages my feet;

When he comes home after a long day at work and heads straight to the kitchen to make dinner without ever flinching because he sees me lying down with migraine;

When he lets me be…without prodding me to do that work at hand and lets me idle around without judgement;

Love is not about flowers, chocolates or big red hearts gifted on those special days, a couple of times a year;

It’s in everyday things, ordinary things;

That’s real love guys!

What’s your list?

PS: I do the same for him…

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4 thoughts on “What does love look like?”

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  2. Well , kalpana, i know u as a very organised person. Now after reading ur blogposts slowly coming to know u as an author who touches the chord of every women. Something which we realise, feel , notice every day but not able to express it or show it to our dear ones. You are writing it all with so much ease..
    Grt effort.

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