Wildflower Bouquets!

Wild flower bouquets

“Where the most beautiful wild flowers grow, there man’s spirit is fed and poets grow”Henry David Thareau

And true to his words, it surely made me write a few lines because there’s something so alluring about wild flowers! They don’t get the limelight that some of the other celebrated flowers get but I am just in awe of them wherever I see grow.



My heart fills with joy at the mere sight of these beautiful flowers

but almost immediately I feel an ache

to see them not get their due credit.

Then I wonder, if it bothers them as much as me?

They look so happy blooming wherever they are!

They don’t seem disheartened at all

In fact, they don’t seem to even care!

No worry

No envy

No jealousy

No agenda

Just blooming, smiling and being happy!

They converse with the butterflies that frequent them

They seem to be nodding

and smiling as the gentle breeze sways them

They don’t seem to care

what the human mind thinks as worthy and unworthy

They know in their hearts that they are special

And that they are here for a reason

And that is reason to rejoice, and

That is reason enough to rejoice!

What a profound lesson they teach us every day by just being themselves and spreading joy!

And it does more than just please my eyes; they invite butterflies and bees into my garden.


I have been so fascinated with them that I have started making floral bouquets with wildflowers to bring a few of them indoors with me. I am sharing some here for you. I hope you enjoy and I hope they bring as much joy to you as it does to me.


Thanks for sticking around and reading my random musing today. If you share my love for wildflowers, then let me share these lovely lines by Julie Andrews which totally resonates with me and I hope you will enjoy too.

Wildflowers – I envy them

They’re brave,

Seeds cast by the wind to

land where they may

they stay

and hold,

against most hot, most cold.

They persevere, roots shallow

Yet fierce and free.

They epitomize to me

all that I sometimes

yearn to be.

 – Julie Andrews


Do share with me your thoughts on wildflowers….

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