Decorating with dried grass and garden plants

Crazy fact about me – I am enamored with everything in nature – plants, weeds, wild flowers, bugs, everything. I simply can’t get enough of the beauty of weeds and flowers of grass or anything I see growing on my farm or in my neighborhood. I got interested in decorating using dried grass recently and since then I see the world differently – Every time I see reeds, I see beauty and a great potential for home décor. It’s like I suddenly have a new set of eyes; eyes that saw things I didn’t see before. ! I hope I can pass on some of that curiosity and interest in you too.

Since we are stuck at home during this pandemic, what better way to bring some of that outdoor beauty indoors! Today I am sharing with you some unique ways to decorate using dried reeds, weeds, cut banana plant, bamboo and even paddy! Not only is this an economical way to decorate your home, it’s sustainable too. It makes so much sense to use not just cut flowers for décor but to use elements found in our own garden and surroundings.

Ready! Let’s dive in…Watch this video and share your thoughts with me.

I hope you decorate using something interesting and when you do, don’t forget to share with me.

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