Laying The Foundation – Farmhouse construction

This is post 3 of the series I am writing wherein I share my personal experiences and thoughts from the past year. If you haven’t already, do click here to read the first and second post .

4 Feb 2018

The year 2017 ended with a wonderful promise; a promise of exciting possibilities and adventures galore! And as promised, 2018 is surely turning out to be a year we will remember forever; because this will be the year we fulfill our long standing dream of creating an organic farm and coming one step closer to living a farm dream.

As mentioned in my earlier post, the decision to go with this team of contractor and builder, turned out to be the best decision we had taken. And when the universe conspires to give you what you deeply aspire, it makes things happen keeping your best interest in mind.

I have come to believe in this “universe conspiring stuff” very much and believe me, I was a non-believer (Okay, way too many ‘believes’ in one sentence, but there is no way to write it any other way so I am just going to go with it)

So throughout January, we had multiple meeting with our builder on the design and layout of the house. We pored over all the minute details and all the paper work was completed.

Apart from that, we had been saving our weekends to attend gardening workshops, to equip ourselves for the organic farm project of ours, but majorly, it had been all about the farm house.

An auspicious date was arrived at for the bhoomi pooja (a sacred ritual done before any building construction, to invoke the blessings of Almighty) and just like that January turned to February and Feb 4th 2018 was Bhoomi pooja at Kalpavriksha Farms!

Yes, it’s happening already. Like I said, things are moving pretty fast indeed and we couldn’t be happier. I am so excited all the time that I am in a dream-like state. My mind can already picture the farmhouse on the farm. From just wanting a roof on top of my head (well, that’s what I had told my unsuspecting husband) to looking at Santorini inspired villas for ideas, it’s been super crazy…the happy crazy you know and I am having a ball.

This event literally and figuratively marks the beginning of our farmhouse construction.

3 weeks later…

26 Feb 2018

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I reached my farm three weeks later. This was the first time after the bhoomi pooja function that we went up to the farm to see the progress in construction. And I was aghast! There was a riot of machineries and sounds and trenches dug out everywhere. The entire place looked ravaged; I don’t know what else I was expecting to see because this is how it is supposed to look with all the construction going on.


Though it was a shock to see the empty meadow-like farm that I am used to seeing, I was happy to see the foundation work going on fairly well. Things seemed very much in control and going at a good pace.

We go around the area, inspecting and supervising the work with a big grin on our face and wind up our visit for the week and head back home satisfied.



Once the farmhouse construction is underway, we start planning our organic garden. Click here to read more on that.

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