A brand New Year – Set backs are stepping stones

A Very Happy New Year guys. I know, I am way too late in wishing you a happy new year but better late than never, right? But we are still in the month of January, so I guess it still counts. I had a lot to share with you all in the first week of January along with my goals and plans for this year but there were some minor set backs I couldn’t avoid. So coming to why I have been this late in writing this post, well, of course, health for one. Somehow, since the New year’s eve I started feeling that I was coming down with something.

I had made some great plans for my blog and my farm this year and during the last week of December, I was all pumped up and went out and bought a planner for my blog and for my farm activities too. I made all the entries and charted out long-term goals for my blog and my farm and was all set to welcome the new year. Do you now believe how excited I was!

But all your well-laid plans have to take a back seat when you are under the weather; when nothing else matters than bundling up your aching body and lying in a supine position in the bed and staying there. The blog plans look like a distant dream. You can’t be bothered with anything except probably some warm soup. You feel like you have been hit by a truck and the days and nights are dreary and it feels like you will never feel better again.

Of course there are pain-killers to can make you feel instantly a whole lot better. But no. We, as a family follow some basic nature cure principles and believe that mild sickness whether fever, cold, cough or body pain, is a way our body is telling us to take care and pay attention to it. It’s sort of a healing crisis rather than health crisis. This is the period our body tries to detoxify and eliminate the toxin build-up; a sort-of deep cleaning of our internal organs.

So all we need to do is support our body in healing itself by taking rest; not by taking medicines. All medicines do is suppress our body’s voice and add more toxins to eliminate. Rest also means resting your digestive system; yes, fasting lets your body concentrate on the healing rather than diverting its energies into digesting the food and eliminating the waste generated by it. And don’t forget sun bathing. Exposure to early morning sunlight is the best thing you can do to aid your body in the healing process.

This way of allowing your body to heal itself will of course take some time and it should too. Quick fixes are just that, they fix things temporarily and end up creating a much larger problem later. The reason we are sick is because our body needs that much rest and that much of detoxification. So, just listen to the body and do what it says. Your body is so much more smarter than you think. So, this is what I did; let the healing happen at its own pace.

I am feeling a lot better now and so moving on to my plans for this year. This New year, along with my other posts, I have plans to start writing affiliate posts for things I personally use and vouch for. I have been getting a lot of queries on kitchen equipments, farm equipments and such. So you will get to read what I use and how you can get your hands on it too. I also have plans of updating my farm blog and homemade products page.

I hope you will forgive my lackadaisical attitude this month because I just had to re-prioritize. But I am going to make it up for it in the forthcoming weeks. I have lots of wonderful new projects lined up for the months to come and I am hoping you will love reading my adventures and experimentations as much as I love writing about them.

Okay, so this being my New Year’s post and all, I guess I should share my goals for this year. I am not a goal setting person so these are not resolutions but mindful intentions.


Before I end this post I would like to share the good news that my homemade soaps are now available offline @ Earth Story, Besant Nagar, Chennai, India. I am working on many more exciting things that I will be sharing with you soon.

Until next time…

Take care and keep that dream alive…

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10 thoughts on “A brand New Year – Set backs are stepping stones”

  1. So glad to know that you are back with a bang! Here’s to a wonderful year! I hope you have all the blessings and happiness that can happen to you 🙂

  2. We tend to push ourselves beyond our capacity at times, and that’s when the body says enough. I agree. resting is the best way to get better.
    Can’t wait to see what you have planned for this year ahead.

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