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Hello Soap-making enthusiasts! I know the feeling of wanting to make your own soap because I had been there and it was almost an obsession for me! I had a lot of requests to make this course available online and here it is, after months of toiling and perfecting every aspect of it, to make it a wonderful learning experience for you! So, without further ado, I welcome you to this Beginner’s Soap-making Course.

This is strictly for Beginners as the name suggests and will cover the basics of “Cold Process” Method of soap-making.

Before we go any further, I would like to mention that cold-process soap-making method involves usage of caustic soda, a chemical called Sodium Hydroxide, commonly called “Lye”. This is the chemical that converts the oils to soap. I am sure if you are here, you might already know this, but I just wanted to be “extra clear” to ensure you make the right choice before purchasing the course. All methods of “from scratch” soap making requires usage of Lye. In case, you haven’t heard this before, I suggest you learn more about it before you decide to buy the course. Though lye is caustic in nature and needs safe handling, you can use it perfectly well by following all the safety protocols that I have included in the course. I have been making soaps myself, for more than 4 years now.

So, if you are with me so far, then let’s quickly have a glance on what the course entails;

Each lesson will equip you with the information you need to start your soap-making journey. I have included everything you will need to make soap-making a breeze for you.

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This ONLINE course covers the following topics:

  • A Brief Introduction to Different Methods of Soap-Making
  • Lye Safety Protocols & General Instructions
  • Soap Making Kit, Workspace, Tools, Ingredients list
  • Step by Step Method to Cold Process Soap Making – Make your own Soap Base from scratch
  • Recipe for Cold Process Soap Making – without Palm Oil and with Palm Oil
  • A Brief on Soft & Hard Oils
  • Soap Variants using Herbs and Essential Oils
  • FAQs
  • Video Tutorials

Learn soap making process from a practitioner, on how to make soap at home. I started making natural homemade soaps more than 3 years back for me and started selling to others who were looking for such natural organic soaps.

125+ customers

have learnt how to make soap at home and are making their own chemical free soaps. Some have even become entrepreneurs, selling their soaps

E-Course is being delivered through THINKIFIC platform. To login to the platform and to access the course after payment, your user id and password need to be created in the THINKIFIC platform. There is a provision to login using Facebook, Google, LinkedIn instead of creating a new user ID and password as well.

We assure you that your user credentials are for course access only and we will not be using these data for any other purposes. No spamming.

Once you buy the course, you get FREE lifetime access. 

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If you are still not sure whether to invest your time and money on this course, consider these:

 1. While there may be courses for less than 1000 Rs, my price is for quality of content and mentoring support that you get

2. Not just course, but material buying guides, safety protocols, handy measuring tools

3. Many of my learners have also become entrepreneurs in soap business

4. No, this course does not need expertise to learn. Any beginner can learn easily

In case you need more details before you can decide, fill these details so that we can connect with you.

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