Learn to make natural organic homemade soaps

Soap Making Course for Beginners – Learn how to make soaps at home

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“Soap Making Course for Beginners” is an online e-course –  Your Ultimate Guide to Create Your Own Nourishing Natural Organic Homemade Soaps using Cold Process ! Learn how to make soaps at home.

You won’t buy soap again!

My USP is “Learner Support”.

You will get minimum 1 MONTH guidance, through a WhatsApp group, when you put learning into practice.

Effectiveness of my support can be seen from my participant testimonials.

100+ customers

Have learnt how to make soap at home and are making their own chemical free soaps. Some have even become entrepreneurs selling their soaps

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Learn soap making process from a practitioner, on how to make soap at home. I started making natural homemade soaps more than 3 years back for me and started selling to others who were looking for such natural organic soaps.

This course covers the following topics:

  • A Brief Introduction to Different Methods of Soap-Making
  • Lye Safety Protocols & General Instructions
  • Soap Making Kit, Workspace, Tools, Ingredients list
  • Step by Step Method to Cold Process Soap Making – Make your own Soap Base from scratch
  • Recipe for Cold Process Soap Making – without Palm Oil and with Palm Oil
  • A Brief on Soft & Hard Oils
  • Soap Variants using Herbs and Essential Oils
  • FAQs
  • Video Tutorials


E-Course is being delivered through THINKIFIC platform. To login to the platform and to access the course after payment, your user id and password need to be created in the THINKIFIC platform. There is a provision to login using Facebook, Google, LinkedIn instead of creating a new user ID and password as well.

We assure you that your user credentials are for course access only and we will not be using these data for any other purposes. No spamming.

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Word of Caution: Process involves use of caustic soda

I would like to mention that cold-process soap-making method involves usage of caustic soda, a chemical called Sodium Hydroxide, commonly called “Lye”. This is the chemical that converts the oils to soap. All methods of “from scratch” soap making requires usage of Lye. Though lye is caustic in nature and needs safe handling, you can use it perfectly well by following all the safety protocols that I have included in the course. As I said, I have been making soaps myself, for a long time now and use the same precautions that I have explained in the course.

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You can view customer testimonials below.

11 thoughts on “Soap Making Course for Beginners – Learn how to make soaps at home”

  1. Santosh Chaudhary

    Hi Kalpana. My journey towards sustainable living started with you when I first enrolled for BE course. So when your soap making course came about, it was but natural to be part of it. And yet again was so satisfied with the course content. The course composition is comprehensive and very clear. The best part is your personal touch and being approachable even after completion of course.

  2. Hi Kalpana…I was waiting to write my experience about the course but wanted to write only after I start preparing my soap. I started preparing my soap so now that I started writing my experience. Speaking about the course its detailed course. Course covers all safety precautions and detailed process how to prepare soap. My soap came well and was really excited. The other favour she did is she guided us what to buy for the soap making. You get all the links to buy from the amazon. Most importantly she created a group and she is giving assistance for one month. You have done great job❤

  3. Dear Kalpanaji, It was my pleasure to learn soap making under your able guidance. I think it rather a privilege to get such a wonderful information in a lucid manner for the beginner. Thank you so much to make me understand the concept that can be used in our practical life . I wish many more people get into this course and start this wonderful artistic and creative work of soap making and enjoy the luxury at home of this beautiful soap.
    Best regards and god bless you, Tejal K. Nagda

  4. Hi Mam,
    I completed the soap making course and this is my third workshop with you .I am very comfortable and confident in attending your classes since you explain each and everything from beginners perspective which makes easy for us.
    You make sure to mention the struggles and mistakes which you faced so that we can be aware of it.
    I am excited to start my soap making.
    You are doing a great job and keep inspiring others by your work Mam.
    Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

  5. Swati Gokhale

    Hi Mam, It was my first course with you. I am so lucky to that I learnt from you.Course is designed considering all beginners requirements with all detailing, pros and crons.The most important it is well explained and very informative.Now I am waiting to make my own soaps.

  6. Kripa mary vinod

    This was my second course with Kalpana ma’am after the diy cleaners workshop and I was not at all disappointed. She is the best teacher. You get to learn everything you need to learn about soap making and she clarifies even the smallest doubt. She explains really well and it’s easy to understand. Thank you for putting up this course ma’am.

  7. Hi mam I completed seeing your video tutorials on soap making.it looks simple n easy to understand.i am super excited to start my own soap making.thanks for providing us such a useful n good online course which is essential to go a step ahead towards chemical free life.already I have attended your online class on bioenzymes which was my first step towards chemical free life n sustainability. thank you so much mam.you are such an inspiration for me.

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