Looks like it’s time for a reintroduction…
Not because I have a sudden influx of new followers but for a simple reason that there’s been lot of changes. I’ve changed too. And I feel the need to share that with my loving community here.

I started on this platform for the sole purpose of sharing my urban farming journey. At that point in my life I found myself in a very unique situation of a city-dweller living in a metro and wanting to farm and live sustainably. And it was very hard even impossible to find anyone around me doing something like I was doing. So, I wanted to document it here as a way to find inspiration as well as maybe, inspire someone who found themselves in my shoes.
This journey into organic farming expanded into all areas of chemical-free living and self-sufficient lifestyle. I became a coach and mentor, teaching people to achieve what I had.

I created courses and products to help others on a similar path of self-sufficiency, aspiring to live a chemical-free lifestyle. Click here to know more. (All the detailed are available on the home page)
I became a business-owner with my online store on farmhouse-style sustainable décor products at Kalpa – Farmhouse Living
My farm is exploding with new possibilities and there is SO MUCH happening and yet I am also getting pulled in various directions. A lot of soul-searching later I feel that it’s because my journey and I have evolved so much that I need to shift gears and create room for the new. And for that a bit of old needs to go. Of course there will always be a lot of gardening, self sufficiency and holistic living content but also more.
I hope you will stick along on this journey with me. But I also know that while some of you might love it, some may not and that’s ok.

From being a coach, entrepreneur, speaker, teacher and now a soon-to-be author, it’s been quite a ride!
Along the way something else expanded too…me!
It plunged me into self growth and expansion so much so that I feel like different person now…very different from the one who started this page. And I am not done yet. I am constantly evolving…
I have been on a self awareness journey and it had made me question almost everything I was made to believe till now. It has opened my eyes to societal conditioning, toxic behavioral patterns and generational traumas we carry on in the name of tradition, culture and everything else. All my life I have been sacrificing my peace for the sake of people-pleasing. I realize that no matter how nice you are, how much you over-give or how accommodating you get even at the cost of hurting your own wellbeing, it still won’t be enough for some people.
I realize, I can’t do that anymore. The fakeness I see, not just online, even in close relationships – the guilt-tripping, the shaming, the judging, the agendas, the drama…
For what?
It’s so freeing to just do you and be you. To unbecome all the things we were told we ‘should’ be. Sometimes it’s the most interesting parts of us that we prune to ‘fit in’ and then you realize, that’s our secret sauce- our uniqueness. That’s our gift. That’s what we are here for. We are here to be us. I am here to be me, uniquely me. You are here to be you!

Here’s to all of us becoming more of who we were meant to be in this lifetime; here’s to finding purpose and meaning; here’s to evolving and upgrading ourselves and becoming our most authentic versions.


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