What’s Gardening to you?

Gardening isn’t a human having a transactional relationship with his/her plants – “I” sow, “I” water and therefore “I” shall reap the rewards. Of course you shall, but there are so many more elements involved in that equation.

When we garden, we are not just in a relationship with the plant we grow but with the microbes in the soil, the earthworms, the pest, the beneficial insects, and the sun, the water, the wind, the soil – all biotic/abiotic components of nature.

We think, “we” are doing all the work but in reality, the other elements are at work too, contributing and interacting in their own unique way. It’s a complex amalgamation of interdependency at play than what meets the eye. We need to be aware of this and acknowledge it’s presence as gardeners.

Gardening then, is no longer an anthropocentric activity. We then see ourselves as not the only one but one of the many elements and feel that intrinsic connection with earth, with our surroundings, with our ecosystem.
When we bring our awareness to this aspect, it becomes a much more deeper and meaningful association.

I try and bring that cognizance in my Gardening Workshops.
I think the most important part of any workshop is – The Mindset Shift. And that remains a focal point of my workshops too. Because without it, the experience is incomplete and we end up with a mere surface-level relationship. We need to go deeper than that!

Like always the nudge for every new batch of my Gardening Workshop comes through enquiries from gardening aspirants and it is so gratifying to see more and more people eagerly leaning towards having a slice of this connection with nature.

May we grow closer to nature; may we come together to build our own health while also contributing to the planetary health.

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