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  1. Hi mam, when I was looking for chemical free options , i came across your workshop which proved to be a boon for me , the knowledge gained through your workshop has made me more confident to adapt a chemical free living. Thanks a lot mam.

  2. I am writing this too late as I have already prepared 2 batches of bio-enzyme. Thank you so much Kalpana for helping me bring this lifestyle shift. I always disliked chemical-laden products but never knew that alternate exists. You have been so supportive and accomodating.

  3. Mrs Kalpana is a committed-organised tutor, who renders guidance and information up to the mark.
    She clarifies all our all our doubts/ queries until our sense of satisfaction!
    Her workshops are very lively, informative and innovative.
    At the end I felt that we earn an “ECO-FRIEND”, to lead and cherish an “ECO-FRIENDLY LIFE”.
    Heartfelt thanks to her.

  4. Hi! I know this feedback is very late…after nearly a month but there was a reason. I didn’t want to comment on the course material. I wanted to see how the course went when I put the learning’s into practice. I am very happy. You have been a very patient teacher.. specially since I had so many questions and you took the time to reply to each one of them without getting irked or tired even when sometimes they were repeated.
    Your methods are practical and can easily be incorporated into our daily lives. Thanks a lot Kalpana. You have become a very important part of my life.

  5. Kalpana,

    Firstly let me comment on what an inspiring 5 days it was. I wanted to join in July and Again in August but life got hold of me and finally decided to take the plunge in September.

    You also managed to push me out of my comfort zone in sourcing for citrus peels, that too for free 🙂 My family thinks I have gone nuts, but I guess they must have realised that I became nuts 10 years ago, when I decided to use natural products slowly but surely. Took by steps and with your workshop, hope to achieve more.

    You are an amazing teacher and very inspiring too. Thank you seems too small for what you are doing for all of us, but I still need to say it………………………………

  6. Hii Kalpanaji.
    Had heard a lot about Bioenzymes but never knew how to use it. A very simple and practical way to learning and teaching. A step towards more sustainable learning…
    Loved the sessions very informative

  7. Hi Kalpana, It was a dream come true for me after attending your chemical free living workshop from 14th to 18th September 2020. You are an excellent Mentor and this class was a life changer for me. We are ardent pet lovers, so we were always in search of pet friendly cleaners… Thanks Kalpana, you just made it hapoen. Hats off to you!

  8. Hi Kalpana,

    Had a wonderful DIY session. Very informative and useful. They are all easy to make and you explained it very well. Great effort by you in making the clip and video. Hats off Kalpana! Keep rocking.

  9. Hi Kalpana…. Came across your program from insta and Infact it’s d best thing for me in these tuf times, really excited about the chemical free household cleaners and making them from scratch. You are a great mentor always eager to help us all in d grp. Thanks for your patience and support.

  10. Hai,
    For a very long time I have been hoping to learn about natural cleaners but never had a opportunity. I cam across the diy workshop in Facebook during lockdown. I am really happy with the workshop.
    The class was worth it. I love how Kalpana ma’am explains each and everything including the science behind it. She is patient enough and clears even the smallest of doubt we have. All her diy’s are made from easily available products and natural. I tried my first batch of rice enzyme yesterday and I am really happy about the result. I can now slowly shift to chemical free cleaners. It was a great experience. Thank you ma’am.

  11. Shivakameshwari D

    Hi aunty Kalpana.

    Really loved the entire workshop and how all we can do so many things on our own naturally. Was so excited to even hear about it and not I’m even more excited and motivated to do more and try out new things. Waiting for my first lot of BE to be ready (quite imapatient). So doing many batches simultaneously. Thank you so so much

  12. Brinda Shrikanth

    Hi Kalpana, firstly I should say sorry for not giving my feedback all these days. Thank you so much for introducing me to the wonderful world of chemical free living. I was wondering how to start and found you on Facebook. Your methods are very simple and doable for everyone interested in using bio enzyme products. Looking forward to doing more and more workshops with you so that my learning continues. Thanks again!

  13. Srikala Sundaresan

    Hi Kalpana, BE workshop was the best thing that happened to me !! Was looking around to buy chemical free cleaners ..And least expected that i would make it myself one day !! The workshop was fun and easy as each day’s activity /information sharing was meticulously planned, just goes to show how much of effort and thought has gone into planning this for us !! I would say this is the best learning that I did during lockdown 🙂 You were so patient,very approachable (after the course is over as well!) always ready to share all the information. Thankyou Kalpana.Keep up the good work !! All the very best for all your endeavours!! Looking forward to being part of other workshops !!

  14. Dr Meenu Gupta, New Delhi

    Hello Kalpana
    for sustainable living that is keeping this world as it is for our future generations, I was always wondering to use only home made products without using harsh chemicals for cleaning, washing and other such purposes. I learnt, how to prepare bio-enzymes in the work shop held between 25th to 30th May. Using Rice-enzymes, i made at home, i could clean a number of decorative and silver items very effectively. You are a wonderful mentor who was always apt to solve our doubts. Thanks for sharing knowledge and making us more responsible citizens!!!

  15. Pallavi Malshe

    These Bioenzymes are really wonderful! Easy to make, you don’t have to spend a lot of time and resources in it, but the final output you get is really wonderful!! 🙂 And its science is very well explained by Kalpana.. kudos for that!

  16. Akhil deepika

    The workshop was an awesome journey towards cleaner and self sustainable life style… kalpana mam was so meticulous about the way she delivered the five day workshop.. easy to understand… makes us begin to enjoy the process of making bioenzyme from the start…

  17. Neelima Sree Panchajanyam

    Hi Kalpana,

    At a time when I was looking to buy chemical free cleaners, I happened to know of your workshop. I was surprised to know that we can actually make them at home and wanted to give it a try.

    The 5 days wksp was very engaging and there was so much to learn. The way you conducted the session made it even more interesting. You have been patient enough to clarify every single doubt no matter how trivial it is. You are always there to support even after the workshop is done which very helpful.

    Today I feel so good that I could stop the use of chemical cleaners without compromising on the effectiveness. All thanks to you. Your journey is an inspiration to many .

  18. Mythili Natarajan

    Hi Mam,
    Accidentally , I met you in back to roots event and came to know about you & your workshop but luckily it turned to be an eye opener for me.

    First of all I wanted to tell about the mode of workshop you opted
    It’s a great idea , a workshop on whatsapp convienent for everyone and interactive too. Moreover you spontaneously clarify our doubts too even after months, you are really doing a great job.
    Although we are unable to change completely to zero chemical free lifestyle as of now but gradually we are changing from the knowledge imparted from your workshop.

    You are being an inspiration for many, keeping doing this work and wishing you all success Mam.

  19. I used to cringe every time I used chemical laden cleaners. I have always wanted to lead a lifestyle which doesn’t harm other beings as much as possible. Using seeyakkai, payatha maavu, etc are my little efforts towards such a lifestyle. I should say that, your class which taught me to make bio enzyme is a game changer! I’m very thankful for your effort to hold hand at every step of the process. Your support and encouragement are the reasons for my almost guilt free lifestyle now! And, I should say that, you are one of the best teachers that I have come across so far! Thank you so much, Kalpana!

  20. Really Enjoyed the bioenzymes workshop!
    Kalpana’s methodology of teaching is very engaging and easy to understand. Made enzymes as per her instructions and results are amazing.

    Thank you Kalpana for sharing the knowledge.

    Best Wishes,
    Bipin Tiwari
    Head Operations & Technology
    Kingsley India Group

  21. Sangeetha Anand

    Hi Kalpana
    I will forever be grateful to have learned to make bioenzymes from you.i use it from cleaning kitchen counters to floor and even spray it on my plantnwhich was infested with bugs. No bugs in sight after that.
    Thank you for patiently explaining every nuance of the process and every other necessary or unnecessary question that I had.

  22. Neerja Prakash

    Hello I came across Kalpanas workshop accidentally on Instagram.The knowledge Kalpana has given has been an eye opener and has empowered us to go totally chemical free.The icing of the workshop has been she is one of the most PATIENT,Helpful,giving, supportive,teacher I have ever known .Thank you

  23. I have been researching about organic products for some time now, and Kalpana’s workshop came at the right time for me to sign up!! It has been an amazing experience to have taken The Bio-Enzyme workshop with her. Kalpana has been a great teacher and so patient with all the questions and doubts asked. Even after the workshop is over, she is still so readily available if we have any queries. Would love to learn more from you Kalpana! Thank you so much for the knowledge you have shared!!

  24. Kavitha Andrade

    Thank you Kalpana!
    I enjoyed being part of the Chemical free home workshop. I have been making bio enzyme for year. After being part of the workshop, I understood the process and applications better. Besides, I also learnt to prepare rice bio enzyme too. I am already into my next batch. Appreciate your guidance and support. You are a great teacher. I am sure whoever learns from you is not only going to enhance his/her life but also of the society. Cheers to your efforts!!!

  25. Thank you for the wonderful workshop Kalpana. I started preparing enzymes. I have learnt many things.

  26. Thank you ma’am for the wonderful sessions and learned a lot and enjoyed all your sessions.It was amazing.

  27. Thank you ma’am for the wonderful sessions and learned a lot and enjoyed all your sessions.It was amazing.You are awesome.

  28. Santosh Chaudhary

    Hi Kalpana. Was looking for a way to start a chemical free life and came across your Wksp. I am so glad I enrolled for your BE Wksp. You were so patient and so open during the entire Wksp. Have taken this step towards organic life and the credit goes to you. Have already tried rice enzymes to excellent results. Waiting for the first lot of BE to be ready Would love to attend more of your wksps. I wish you more success in your life. Keep doing the good work

  29. Hello Kalpana ,
    It was a great journy we took with you from 25 th to30 th May ,2020. Chemical free and zero west life style was a dream. But you taught us creating BE and my dream came true. Thanks a thousand times!

    1. Hi mam,
      I had attented your Organic Gardening and Natural Cleaners workshop and I can say both were undoubtedly the best. I was initially having doubts if whatsapp will work for this training..but it was also the best medium..and your after class support was awesome..You are truly an inspiration!!

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