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How to Make Bioenzyme – A natural Cleaner

BIO ENZYMES FOR HOME CLEANING A Step by Step Guide I have been preparing “Bio-enzyme” for many years now and had never looked back since. I was looking for alternative solutions for home cleaners as I wanted to stop buying toxic chemical based cleaners for my home. That’s when I came across Bioenzyme. I had …

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Modern Homesteading – Because it’s Not All or Nothing…

In this day and age, when technology has made everything easier, faster and with far less need for any physical effort, why is it that we feel a certain emptiness within? After striving and working our way up to attain everything we ever wanted in life, why is that happiness short-lived; why do we feel …

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Planning your garden

This is post 4 of the series I have been writing to get you up to speed on my farming journey thus far. If you haven’t read my previous posts, please start with my first, second and third post here. 4 March 2018 Though our dream farm house construction is underway, our plans of starting a garden …

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Dream of a farmhouse

This is post 2 of the series I am writing wherein I share my personal experiences and thoughts from the past year. To read the previous post click here. 29 Dec 2017 With the green signal given by electricity supply and the quiet enlightenment of a farmhouse, my mind is on overdrive; Designing my cozy …

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