Switch to 100% natural, chemical free cleaners for your home care. A step closer to toxin-free life.

My USP is “Learner Support”

You will get 1 MONTH guidance, through a WhatsApp group, when you put this learning into practice.

Effectiveness of my support can be seen from my participant testimonials.

You may be bringing lot of chemical cleaners inside your home that may be harmful for you. What if I tell you that I can help you replace all your chemical cleaners? I am a practitioner, doing these for years now.

Through this online e-course, I will be sharing my learning and experiences as videos and reference material to get you STARTED and SUSTAINA simple DIY skill to learn, to move towards a healthy home. 500+ families have already switched to Natural Cleaners so far and made their home chemical free.

Not just the e-course, you will also get ONE MONTH of POST PURCHASE SUPPORT


By making your own Natural Cleaners you will ;

  • Eliminate toxic chemicals from your home
  • Become Self-Sufficient in your home-cleaning needs
  • Make your home environment healthy and toxin-free
  • Become a Eco-Champion!
  • Save tons of money!!!
  • Help contribute to Saving our Planet

List of natural cleaners that you will learn:

  1. Floor Cleaner
  2. Bathroom Cleaner
  3. Toilet Cleaner
  4. Mirror/ Glass Cleaner
  5. Tile/Sink Cleaner
  6. Cleaning Silverware
  7. Car Wash Cleaner
  8. Stove-top/Chimney cleaner
  9. Heavy-duty Cleaner for greasy surfaces
  10. Unclogging Drains


  1. Refrigerator Wipe
  2. Vegetable Wash
  3. Laundry Detergent- Liquid
  4. Laundry Detergent- Powder
  5. White Cloth Bleach
  6. Kitchen All Purpose Cleaner
  7. Dish Wash Liquid
  8. Dish Wash Powder
  9. Hand Wash
  10. Room Fresheners
  11. Natural Mosquito Repellent
  12. Insect Repellents

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