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You will find sustainable options that are tried and tested by me

Are we chasing a cheap dream?

Have you ever wondered why home-grown/ homemade/ handmade/ handcrafted… is always expensive, and difficult to source? And all the while, their cheaper counterparts are readily available in abundance, at every nook and cranny of the city. It’s the marketing of such dubious products that prey on our time-constraint and need for convenience. They know that …

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My journey towards an Eco-friendly lifestyle

My journey towards an Eco-friendly lifestyle Recently we were interviewed by “The New Indian Express” newspaper about reducing our waste and going for a zero-waste lifestyle.  You can read the newspaper clipping here http://epaper.newindianexpress.com/1681006/The-New-Indian-Express-Chennai/02062018#page/24 A dear friend suggested that I write a blog post on how we are trying to achieve this and that’s how …

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Seeds for future

All the new age advancements and information overload can’t hold a candle to our ancient wisdom. And no, this is not a religious post. Sample this – All temples in India typically have a Kalasam (or Kalash) at the top of temple towers. (Wait, is this a religious post? No, it’s not. Please read along …

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