Thumba poo flower salad

My earliest memory of this plant is associated with the quintessential oil bath during my childhood days. The ritual of weekend oil bath is legendary in the southern regions of India and is practiced religiously. Warm sesame oil with few grains of crackled rice and some of these white flowers (thumba poo) would be applied generously …

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If warm cinnamon apples make your mouth water, then you are in for a treat. And if crunchy buttery crumb topping makes you go weak in the knees, you have come to the right place. This deliciously spiced “breakfast” cake (well, that’s another name for this gorgeous cake) is your answer for a warm, festive …


Easy Homemade Bread

Since I started baking my own bread, I have been receiving numerous enquiries on how I do it and a lot many people wanting to bake bread on their own. It is indeed a happy feeling to know that so many out there are showing interest in baking bread themselves and wanting to stop buying …

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8 Easy strategies to get kids to eat healthy

I understand that eating healthy and nutritious is not something you can just preach and get results instantly. It’s a journey you take along with your family towards building healthy eating habits. It needs conscious, sensible and sound decision making from the parents to inculcate a life-long good eating habit in their kids. My husband …

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Homemade Burger buns

No matter how conscious we are about our eating habits, we do succumb to cravings once in a while and not to mention the advertisement industry going over-board with their imagery that makes kids the most vulnerable. So, I have been looking for a great recipe for homemade burger buns for quite sometime now. Though …

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Home-made Lasagna

Recipe for Homemade Lasagna: You will need: Lasagna sheets Béchamel sauce Red sauce Mozzarella cheese Vegetables/chicken For the Lasagna sheets: Plain flour – 1.5 cups Eggs                2 Milk               ¼ cups Salt                  to taste Making Lasagna sheets: (Alternatively you can buy ready-made lasagne sheets too) Mix all the above ingredients and knead it to a …

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Homemade Pancake Recipe

Home-made Pancake Recipe: The pancake fever caught us while we were in the US. That of course, is everyone’s story isn’t it? While we were there, for most part of it we just bought the ready-to-make pancake mix without even knowing how easy it is to make homemade pancakes. Once I knew how to, I …

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