Red Lipstick – #FlashFiction

Momspresso –  #FlashFiction  #Photo Prompt

momspresso flashfiction

Reema stood in front of the mirror sporting her favourite red lipstick. As she smoothened her shiny hair, a rush of emotions swept over her.

How long has it been, she thought to herself…

The past eleven months had been tumultuous and had turned her whole life upside down in a single stroke. In all the days of chemotherapy, she had lost her luscious locks and had gone from wearing a wig to going boldly bald. Now she smiled as she looked at her victorious self, who fought back the demon and rose like a phoenix.

This post was written for a #Photoprompt #FlashFiction for #Momspresso

4 thoughts on “Red Lipstick – #FlashFiction

  1. Confronting reality even if it is fiction requires courage. Somehow the loss of hair during an illness is as devastating as the illness itself isn’t it ?

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