A day in the life of an urban farmer

For those of you new here, let me quickly introduce myself. I am a Wife and a Mother, an Organic Farmer, an Entrepreneur running a small organic Skincare Business, a Writer, a Teacher, a Sustainability Coach and a Blogger. And sometimes with all these roles, my life can become pretty crazy.

As it happens often, the past few weeks have been crazy busy…

I mean, I didn’t know whether I was coming or going, kind of busy. Phew! I literally had a schedule drawn up minute by minute these weeks and I couldn’t afford not to stick by it.

There were back to back Workshops and Classes and Deadlines and Events and Meetings. While I was juggling all this there was also a wonderful freelance writing opportunity that just landed on my lap that very same week and for the love of God, I couldn’t say no to it…How does one say no to a “Telephonic Interview with Mandira Bedi“! If you haven’t checked it out yet then you can read it here

You would think, I must be crazy to take on more work but when the work is so interesting and something you love doing, then how could you not! But no matter how exciting things are, physical exhaustion is real, though the mental satisfaction is way beyond one can imagine.

Okay, so all that happened and just when I was ready to catch a down week,( yeah, I always try to balance out my up weeks and down weeks) I ended up with some more unexpected commitments. So another week goes by and now, all I feel like is sleep, sleep and sleep. I fluctuate from high energy days to low “down in the dumps” kind of days…Days when you don’t want to do anything…Am I the only one or does anyone else feel this way? Please tell me I AM Not Alone in this…

So, here’s how a day in a weekend farmer’s life looks like. I know we have captured mostly the wonderful moments here because this is why we do, what we do! But I am sure you know the struggles, sweat, blood and tears that goes into producing something beautiful, isn’t it? And after you are done seeing the video, do hear out my rant that follows too 😉 I mean it’s not all rosy, not all the time at least!

Okay, so while I am on a ranting spree let me give you a glimpse into a day in my life – well, “a crazy day in my life” will be an apt title but I suppose, I’ll let you decide that for yourself after reading. Let’s take today for instance…

Since morning I have shipped a few orders of body butter, packed a few orders of soaps and got the orders for my organic coconut oil ready for pick up…

Pic courtesy – Author’s own

Yesterday was totally different with a sudden visit to the farm that was mandatory and spent literally the whole day working outdoors.


Pic courtesy – Author’s own

Some days are spent making products, designing labels and preparing homemade cleaners.

Pic courtesy – Author’s own

And there are days spent writing posts, documenting and chasing a deadline…

Pic courtesy – Author’s own

Another day spent preserving Herbs and garden produce…

Pic courtesy – Author’s own

Few days are spent conducting workshops and classes…


Pic courtesy – Author’s own

But most days, are a mix of all these different things put together!

All this while running a household, making meals, keeping house and generally being a mother and a wife.

Life of a woman entrepreneur /solopreneur/homepreneur isn’t easy. It’s not a cakewalk and it is definitely not glamorous. It’s sheer hard work. So when people take your time and work for granted and sometimes mock your little efforts (yes, they do, especially the ones who call themselves family and friends), I say pay no heed to them. They don’t know the hours, weeks and years of sweat, physical effort, mental and emotional labour you have invested in reaching where you are. They have no idea what it takes to do what you do and you don’t need their approval. You decide how you want to live your life and you live it.

And that’s why I make an extra effort to be a cheerleader for women entrepreneurs because for every one cheer I know they have overcome many a smirks, mocks and jeers. I also know that they had to fumble in the dark and learn everything without a Godfather teaching them the ropes…. It didn’t get handed out to them on a plate. They had to build everything up from scratch.

Copyright Picture – Author’s own

And so, if you come across Entrepreneurs, especially women entrepreneurs, I urge you to not take their time and work for granted! I encourage you to cheer them on, for that’s something we all can do!

Now, excuse me, while I rest my weary bones…

Until next time






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