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This unassuming flower is a commonly found weed called Tridax procumbens; It belongs to the daisy family but has the status of a weed for it’s invasive properties.

I don’t know about you but I love this flower for a simple reason that it evokes childhood memories for me. I had grown up seeing this flower more often than its superior cousin daisy and therefore, the common Tridax holds a special place in my heart.

Don’t get me wrong; I love daisies too, in fact they are among my favorite flowers, so beautiful and so elegant; but wanted the spot light on this little guy for once.

This picture was taken during our stay in one of the lovely home-stays in Yelagiri. I had written an elaborate post on that separately which you can read here.

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40 thoughts on “Common is Beautiful too – #WordlessWednesday

  1. It’s funny what we label “weeds” and what we cultivate as “garden flowers.” Of course, I used to love dandelions, and as an adult I recognize why the adults were less enamored of them.

        1. And we need butterflies in our garden, don’t we? I have done a bit of research to include a few plants that attract butterflies and birds in my farm too…irrespective of whether they bear fruits or veggies for me. Glad you have decided to plant milk weeds…

          1. I tried to grow passion flowers. I need to try that again. And lately, though we have no feeders out, I’ve seen lots of hummingbirds in the yard. My son in law and I bonded over hummingbirds, so it’s nice to see them returning (hadn’t seen many in a couple of years, though I did learn about the existence of delightful hummingbird MOTHS in a nearby butterfly garden!)

          2. I had Passiflora once in my balcony garden…had lots of flowers but before it could flourish more it got some infestation and didn’t survive. I Love those! Its lovely to hear about hummingbirds visiting your yard. That must be so wonderful!

  2. Oh yes. Those weeds are lovely too. I remember seeing one flowering weed in my dad’s garden and liking its spunk and vigour even more than the delicate beauty of the cultivated blossoms….

  3. I love the stark simplicity of the picture, Kalpana. Reminds me there’s a world out there beyond our screens and gadgets that bring us so much beauty and peace to be thankful for! So glad you joined us for #WordlessWednesday this week.

  4. How I love these “weeds”! Our previous homeowner was very adamant that we keep the garden weed free and we were required pull them off promptly. I had to destroy many a dandelions in that effort but they still remain my favorite of all. This is a gorgeous click, Kalpana! Simple and beautiful bringing a whole new meaning to those words, right?

    1. IKR! I love them too. There is a weed called blue snake weed, a beautiful lavender coloured one. It is growing profusely in my farm and my farm helper keeps uproting it. I keep telling him that i want it around. They are so pretty to look at. I guess we are suckers for all things beautiful. Thank you so much for your generous and kind comment. It is so nice connecting with like-minded friends.

    1. That’s exactly what i had in mind too while writing this post. The post being for #Wordlesswednesdays, i didn’t want to write an elaborate post. This post was an analogy for so many common things in life that are sidelined for their commonality. And you have so beautifully distilled the essence of this post. I am so happy reading your comment and wondering how you and i think alike. Thanks a lot Jaya!
      Again so glad to have connected.

  5. This is the best shot I have seen so far on #WordlessWednesday. I’m awe-struck by this little being of gorgeousness, and what a beautiful shot indeed.

    Thank you so much for sharing. I have seen this flower grow across our landscape, in the university campus I lived as a kid. Thank you for enlightening me with it’s name.

    I’m a flower and nature lover too, just like you Kalpana.

    Thank you so much for linking with us at #WW

    1. That’s the best compliment ever! I am floating in the air…on seventh heaven. So kind of you Natasha for being so generous with your words. Of course, I know what an ardent nature lover you are through your posts. I owe you a big thank you for hosting #WW and giving my pics a life outside my desktop folder…Now i am always on a scavenger hunt rummaging through folders after folders full of pictures.

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